Mermaid Documents


Message from Merpeople to Humans (TXT)


How to contact mermaids (TXT)


Queen Istiphul (PDF)


Mermaid FAQs (PDF)


How to speak Mermaid (PDF)


About Undines (TXT)


Greetings from Mermaids to Humans (TXT)


About the Mermaid Realm (PDF)


Abducted by Mermaid (TXT)


Mermaid activity in Bundefjorden (PDF)


What are Mermaids ? (PDF)


Hawaii Mermaid (PDF)


Mermaid Tales (PDF)


How Mermaids Reproduce (TXT)


Mermaid Anatomy (TXT)


Sirian Merpeople (TXT)


How to let people think you are a Mermaid (PDF)


Male sex with a Mermaid (TXT)


Seduced by a Mermaid (TXT)


Erotic mermaid story (TXT)


Beeing a Mermaid (TXT)


Mermaid Love (PDF)


Mermaid Meditation (TXT)


Mermaid Transformation (TXT)


Who are the fastes swimmers in the ocean (PDF) Mermaids can swim up to approximately 32 mph.


Letters to Mermaids (PDF)


Prepear for the Landings (PDF) This document is about an alien intervention on Earth, but has relevance for extraterrestrial mermaids as well.


Coverup on extraterrestrial mermaids (TXT)


A  scientiffic report about the marine life in the Bundefjord in Norway (PDF). Some advanced Mermaids who visited the fjord in 2014 described desertlike conditions at the sea floor, but they liked the small islands in the fjord.


Abducted by Aliens (PDF). This has some relevance according to abductions by extraterrestrial Mermaids.


Communication with a Dolphin (TXT)


Dolphins about Telepathy (TXT)


Mermaid Spell (TXT)


Info about Mermaids (PDF)


Mermaids in Atlantis (PDF)


Mermaids in different Cultures (PDF)


Traites of a Mermaid Woman (PDF)


Message about the Ocean (PDF)


Sea of Love Meditation (TXT)


Acient Australian Mermaids (PDF)


Mermaid sightings in the UK (PDF)


Mermaid powers (TXT)


How to learn hydrokinesis (TXT)


4 days with a Mermaid (PDF)


A Mermaid Story in 2016 (TXT)


The Mermaid Project (TXT)


Caribbean Mermaids (TXT)


Interacting with Mermaids (TXT)


Scientiffic article about Mermaids (PDF)


Problem in the study of Mermaids (PDF)


Social conflicts between Mermaid Women and the men they love (TXT)



Updated 25 May 2016