About the Mermaid Realm.

The higher part of the mermaid realm is on a higher engonical frequency and is own special nature
plane on Earth. Engonically is the upper position of this nature plane similar to the upper part of the
astral level and a little bit into the mental level. This nature plane is therefore at energy
-plane 2. Seen
from space at this frequency the entire Earth is covered with water and the planet is much bigger.
The radius of Earth is approximately 124000 Km at that frequency compared to the radius 6378 Km
at the engonical frequency for the physical plane. The mermaid realm reaches out to approximately
1/3 of the distance to the moon and down through and approximately 20 Km below Earth physical
sea level. The Earth is approximately 19 times bigger at highest frequency of the mermaid realm
and approximately twice the size of the planet Jupiter. Seen from the mermaid realm the Earth
physical plane is part of a solid planet core. The water density on the mermaid realm is less dens
than the water on earth physical plane and the visibility through this water is high. You can see
space and the stars through this water more clearly than in air on the physical plane because the
light is at energy
-plane 2 (90 billion Km/Sec wave speed) and has less loss through space. For a
closer explanation of the term energy
-plane and so on see http://www.galactic.to/TOREALF/s5t.txt
, http://www.galactic.to/TOREALF/TH2T.TXT and http://www.galactic.to/TOREALF/S1T.TXT
The mermaid realm is organized in several zones according to harmonic vibrations of the base
dimensional frequency that defines the realm. Most of the mermaid realm is in the astral frequency
spectrum, but the lower part is at the upper part of the Earth physical dimensional frequencies. If
mermaids swim down to the Earth surface they can easily shift into the earth physical frequency
temporary making them visible. They do this mostly in water because they are water creatures.
Mermaids at the higher frequencies of the Earth physical plane is invisible to the human eyes but its
possible to take pictures of them with a camera sensitive to ultraviolet, x ray and gamma radiation.
The upper part of the mermaid realm is at the mental frequency spectrum. At the physical plane the
light wave speed is usually 300000 Km/Sec and this level is called energy
-plane one on the energy
dimension. At the astral level the light wave speed is the physical light-speed multiplied with itself
(90 Billion Km/Sec) at that wave-speed the light spectrum is a lot broader and and it therefor exists
colors that don't exist at the physical plane. The energy-level don't decrease over distance as much
when travel trough space as compared to the physical plane. Therefore the stars are much brighter
and seems closer seen from the middle part of the mermaid realm and other middle and high astral
To enter the mermaid realm you must bring your aura in resonance with one of the frequency
harmonics of the mermaid realm dimensional frequency. The base frequency for the mermaid realm
is at energy
-plane 2 (astral dimensional level) so the frequency of the mermaid realm present in the
earth oceans is a sub harmonic to that frequency. To bring your aura in resonance with some of the
frequencies of the mermaid realm you can use meditation. If your aura resonate 100 % you will
teleport into the mermaid realm. If you meet a mermaid women (incarnated mermaid in a physical
body) she may have the power to automatically bring your aura in resonance with frequencies
belonging to the mermaid realm and you will experience parts of the mermaid realm. This can also
happens if you meet a mermaid in the water in it's mermaid form. Advanced mermaids can easily
teleport over great distances also between different star systems.
The mermaid civilization is a interstellar civilization with open contact to civilizations on other
planets. Their main communication form is telepathy with thoughts, feelings and pictures. They
seldom use words but some of them have learned to speak as a part of special missions. You can
also bring your aura in resonance with mermaid realm frequencies using technology. This is
frequency generators that transmits mermaid realm frequencies. This type of technology is
extraterrestrial technology based on the use of crystals.